4 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. “Not a complete fail.” That’s a pretty high compliment from my boyfriend.

    This place is so new that you can still smell the paint on the walls. The decor is pretty. We’ve walked by it for weeks wondering what it was going to be until the sign went up. So one rainy night after it opened we grabbed a menu to order take out. The selection of fish isn’t great and the prices on some of the dinners are a little high compared to other sushi joints in the area. We end up ordering four of the special rolls:

    Kappa – I didn’t really like this one. The cucumber wrap did not hold together at all, and the ponzu dressing was a bit strong.

    Caterpillar – This roll looked lovely and was pretty good. You can’t really go wrong with eel! Sadly, the avocado wasn’t as ripe as we prefer.

    Rainbow – It looks very nice and tastes OK. There’s nothing special about the flavors. Not my favorite roll and not sure we’d get it again.

    Spicy Crispy Tuna – This was probably my favorite of the four. It’s not chopped tuna, like you usually see with spicy tuna. Rather, the tuna piece is on top and the crunchy tempura flakes and spicy mayo is in the middle of the roll with roe and cucumber. I though the ingredients balanced pretty well. They used just the right amount of spicy mayo where most sushi places use too much.

    Total was a tad under $40. Rolls are reasonable sizes. Ginger is not homemade, but it’s not the fake pink stuff either. Take out comes with a disposable soy sauce dish! We’ll consider coming back to try more of the menu.

    CASH ONLY for now.

  2. My family and I were on our way to get some thai food when we saw the “Grand Opening” awning for Koi Japanese Cuisine. We decided to try it out. As soon as we entered, we could smell a fresh coat of paint – which I didn’t mind since the restaurant apparently opened just days ago. The restaurant design is minimalist and modern. Very nice.

    We were able to sit down right away and were greeted by our server. We immediately put in our order for appetizers: vegetarian gyoza and edamame. The edamame came first, steaming hot, and deliciously fresh! We killed the edamame and my daughter asked for another order. We also enjoyed the gyoza and ordered another round of them too. The sauce had lots of flavoring – it was so good I also dipped my maki in it! We ordered avocado and California rolls and were happy with both. Next time we’ll try more interesting maki that are listed on the menu. We also had the spicy seafood miso soup. Wow! Lots of seafood in there! And the soup had a great kick. In fact, the longer it sat on the table the better it got as the spices seemed to soak further into the seafood and tofu.

    Overall, we had a great visit to Koi. The food was yummy, the service was friendly, and the prices were about right. The only downside to this place? Dessert. We were really looking forward to the fried ice cream but realized as it was served that the ice cream wasn’t actually fried. Instead it was a bar of vanilla ice cream wrapped in corn flakes. We ate it and it was fine – just not what we expected. When we mentioned it to our server she immediately apologized and took the amount off our bill. She also offered us some mochi to take home with us. The mochi, by the way, was “store bought” but it tasted good and we appreciated the gesture by our server. Having Hershey chocolates at the front door instead of mints was also a welcomed surprise!

    We look forward to our next visit to Koi!

  3. Cool new sushi place that just opened in Quincy.

    The interior was very clean and service was prompt. Lots of selections for the lunch menu and the prices are very reasonable, especially for good sushi.

    I would definitely recommend the Sashimi sampler. I didn’t get a chance to try any of the udon soups but they looked great.

    All in all, it was a great experience and I’ll definitely go back again!

  4. I visited Koi on the second day of operation, but the manager said I was the first to sit at the sushi bar. Ahso!

    This place is steps from my front door, so this is dangerous! I prefer a sushi place over a greasy spoon any day. This spot used to be Barry’s deli, but it’s completely renovated now.

    I started off with the Spicy Miso Seafood soup. I would get it again. It had a nice kick. I also tried the Quincy Maki (how could I resist!) and the Koi Maki (again, namesake). The Quincy Maki was OK, but I didn’t love it.

    On the other hand, the Koi Maki roll was great. They used Soy paper, and I loved the color of it, and it made the roll lighter. Yes, I would get it again!

    I will be back! Service was great. Everyone was very polite.